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Think Quantitatively

Artificial Intelligence to unlock the values in unstructured content

Solving Problems with Cutting-edge Technology

Quantxt is a software platform for processing, search and discovery in unstructured content using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. By solving real-world problems for businesses, Quantxt has made thousands of dollars for a number of clients by providing solutions that can analyze and process free format content including digital records, web pages, text documents and private data stores.

Quantxt advanced technology is built using machine learning techniques and made accessible for both business analysts through reporting tools and user interfaces or through APIs empowering developers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

You are a Patent Paralegal and trying to search for concepts in USPTO. Simple keyword or phrase search is coming short and you can't read hundreds of fillings. Quantxt can search for concepts and summarize.

You are a Market Analyst and want to understand trends in on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Subjective and qualitative reports are biased and take an expert to compile one. Quantxt can summarize and quantify the qualitative content.

You manage a team of Client Specialists. Your team spend a lot of time reading and extracting client's requests from within the emails that are sent to them on daily basis. Quantxt can read emails and extract orders so your team member can place those orders.


Secure Architecture

Your sensitive data won't be stored anywhere in our database. Our bot processes your data on the fly and whenever you request it.

Fully Customizable

We have a number of data adapters and generic models. Custom models and adapters can be built upon request.

Cloud-based Design

Seamless horizontal and vertical scaling of servers made possible by using the cloud.

Analyze Documents in Any Format

Extract data from all major digital formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel, MS Office or any other text format. You can even run analysis on realtime data streams such as chat data, emails and news feeds.

Add Structure and Organize Text

Extract, tag and organize your unstructured data. You can quickly manage and search through your content. It’s fast, easy, and incredibly accurate.

Multilingual & Cross-lingual analysis

With science of Natural Language Processing, textual data is converted to numbers, so analyzing foreign text and comparing content across different languages is possible.

Media Monitoring

An expert can read one page at a time. Quantxt can read 1000 articles per second

A media analyst explores broadcast news and publications on daily basis to learn about important business events. News aggregators and RSS feeds can help in filtering on relevant content but amount of content to be manually read and analyzed can be overwhelming. Quantxt Search and Quantxt NLP bot can simultaneously search several news providers, analyze the articles and summarize the relevant content.

Machine Readable Events

Convert unstructured into structured time series of events

Analyzing correlation between time series data from different sources is essential in forecasting. Powerful CPUs has made it possible to efficiently compute correlations between millions of data points. Quantxt NLP can generate a quantized time series of facts that can be fed into correlation analysis systems. Quantxt NLP can extract the body of the document, convert the text into concepts and tie them to accurately extract the date and time of the publication. Equity research reports, SEC filings, Macroeconomic reports and news are examples of tested data types for event extraction.

Business Concept Search and Matching

Understand deep concepts like a professional

Search and retrieval of business related concepts is a key part of several practices. Sales reps are interested in finding leads that are along with their offerings. Lawyers need to know precedents that are conceptually similar to their client's cases. Recruiters need to find match the most relevant resumes to a job description. The content matching goes beyond a simple keyword or phrase comparison between source and target documents. Quantxt NLP is capable of breaking a document into meaningful and quantifiable concepts and run and find matches that have the most number of similar concepts in common.