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Discover insights in content using AI

Theia - Systematic Research and Analysis

Quantxt Theia offers advanced out-of-the-box search and reporting capabilities for business researchers and analysts to systematically discover crucial facts and trends in textual content.

Theia produces a structured report from unstructured data sources. You can filter information by Entities (such as corporations, organizations, groups, agencies, etc.), Statement source (a person, organization, group, etc.), Content source (if multiple sources are available) and Topic (actions, acquisitions, legal, etc.)

Convert qualitative reports into quantitative analysis

Qualitative analysis, technical reports and white papers are great sources of information. With Theia you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to read and understand qualitative reports like a business expert.

Theia discovers facts and novelties by semantically analyzing the language, context and business logic. Aggregate insights across multiple sources and create quantitative reports. Theia can score and prioritize the findings based on various criteria such as popularity or distinctiveness.

Report management

Configure, run and manage your reports all in one place. Your reporting dashboard is accessible from any device. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Run multiple reports at the same time. There is technically no limitation in number of reports, size of content set or the research domain.

With Theia discovery in unstructured data can start in minutes.

Quantxt Theia can search thought the web, social media, private repositories, third-party data banks, etc.

Theia is an ideal research tool for financial analysts, policy advisors, paralegals, market strategists and consultants and any business expert who needs to read, research and analyze large quantities of unstructured data to discover insights.


API Access

Quantxt Theia research and content curation service is available for programmatic access through REST or native APIs to allow developers build smarter applications.


We understand that every analyst looks at the data from different angles, hence we built Theia underlying engine highly flexible to meet such needs. Content source, semantic models, content understanding, business rules and several other parameters can be configured by the user.

Scalable Framework

Theia is architectured on a highly scalable platform. Computing resources are allocated seamlessly and as they are required during the crunch time.

Get a Free Research Report created by Theia

Try searching for "virtual reality" or "driverless cars" or any topic or area you are interested in. We'll send you a comprehensive report on activities, investments and statements of big corporations on the topic.