Extract data from scanned and digital documents
Process documents with any layout and complexity.

Transform into a fully structured and machine-readable format.

Process all your business documents automatically

Extract information from your scanned and digital documents into a structured format.

Use the cleaned and structured data to derive a downstream process, store in a database or, simply, export into a spreadsheet.

Go far beyond OCR and standard document parsing capabilities

Plain content extracted out of a document is not useful for most of the applications. It needs to be converted into a machine-readable format.

Transform text and data embedded anywhere in your documents of any size and complexity into structured data.
Bring scale and efficiency to your business
Automate data extraction and see the impact on your workflows immediately.

Process a lot more documents without hiring more document scrubbers while eliminating human error.
Let an advanced software handle the tedious task of document extraction perfectly and blazingly fast.
A poweful API with a simple interface
Integrate automatic data extraction in your applications immediately with our client libraries.

Process thousands of documents by writing only a few lines of code.
Verify the extraction output and even export results directly into Excel spreadsheets for your non-technical users.