Quantxt Theia
Customizable Data Extraction
Extract unstructured data from any scanned or digital document. Transform into a fully structured format accurately.

Why Theia?

Fully Customizable

Quantxt Theia is fully configurable to only extract the data elements you need.

Customize Quantxt Theia yourself or hire our experts to do the work for you.

Any Content Format

Quantxt Theia simplifies the processing of documents in any format and layout.

Extract critical information from PDFs, scanned images, HTML pages, or any document type accurately.

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Intelligent parser

With a powerful built-in automatic document parser, there’s no need to create manual grids to parse PDF documents, or hard code HTML elements or deal with OCR settings. Quantxt Theia makes document parsing a breeze.

Easy Scaling
Seamless Scaling

Whether you need to process a single document or a million, scaling up and down is done on the fly using proprietary serverless technology. Quantxt Theia scales automatically and seamlessly.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

With a well-documented API, users can configure complex extraction tasks, run at scale, and integrate with other applications.

Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive User Interface

Build, test, and view extraction models in a simple-to-use web-based user interface. Verify results visually and export them into Excel spreadsheets.

Accessible Automation
Accessible Automation

You don’t need to have technical expertise in Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning, Quantxt Theia does all of the heavy lifting.

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