Quantxt Theia
Eliminate Human Error
Detect and extract data from documents and images accurately.

Process hundreds of files in minutes and save on manual data entry costs.

Why Theia?

Fully customizable

Theia is fully configurable. Tune it to only detect, verify and extract the data you need.

Configure data capture models yourself or hire our experts to do the work for you.

Powerful, easy-to-use

Configure Theia in less than 5 minutes, process hundreds of files, verify the results and export in Excel, CSV and JSON.

Extract information from forms, tables or plain text documents regardless of their format and layout.

People data presenting


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Intelligent parser

There is no need to create manual grids to parse documents, or hard code HTML elements or constantly update OCR settings. Theia is smart and layout agnostic. It makes document parsing a breeze.

Intuitive User Interface
Easy to use

Coding skills are not needed to configure simple data capture models. Create custom models as simple as typing data in a spreadsheet.

Easy Integration
Easy integration

Theia has a well-documented RESTful API as well as Python and Java SDK. With just a few lines of code, users can process thousands of files and stream output into other applications.